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Videos Djazz with Justin Vali

Videos Djazz with Justin Vali

Malagasy zither and voice with Djazz

Two videos for the great zither player from Madagascar Justin Vali, Prix SACEM 2006 and partner of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, showing Djazz software played by Marc Chemillier in the context of ANR project MERCI et ERC project REACH thanks to film director and ethnomusicologist Yuri Prado:

Justin Vali (valiha, marovany zithers, kabosy guitar, voice, composition)
Marc Chemillier (computer)

Recording date: February 20, 2023, Luna Rossa Studio, Paris, mixage and percussion samples Micke Insula. Film direction Yuri Prado, camera Yuri Prado, Camille Margat.

Vidéo de « Masoala »

Vidéo de « Sojerina »