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Bernard Lubat, born in Uzeste in 1945, is a pianist, vibraphonist, keyboard and accordion player, singer, composer and actor who worked with saxophone jazz legend Stan Getz (album « Dynasty », 1971). In 1978, he went on to set up the Festival Uzeste Musical (Summer festival near Bordeaux in France), a very special event mixing art and politics. He has been collaborating with the OMax/ImproteK/Djazz project for fifteen years. In the current setup called « Augmented jazz », his piano is captured and developed by the computers of Marc Chemillier and Gérard Assayag.

Charles Kely Zana-Rotsy is a guitar virtuoso born in Madagascar who began to sing at age 5 and to play the guitar at age 8. His international career began when he joined the group of zither player Rajery with whom he has been the recipient of the RFI Award in 2003 (Radio France International). His has recorded two solo albums « Anilanao » in 2003 and « Zoma Zoma » in 2011. His music is a subtil blend of jazz harmonies and traditional rhythms from Indian Ocean. Adding the Djazz software to his band introduces a soulful taste of Hammond organ solos generated by the computer.


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